Since the establishment of the ZDK and the opening of the Johnstown dojo, the ZDK has been featured in hundreds of local newspaper articles in the Leader-Herald, Amsterdam Recorder, and Schenectady Gazette.  Additionally, we have received coverage in national & international martial arts magazines.  The ZDK has been featured in full-length articles and news items about our activities for many years.  The following list is incomplete but contains most of the martial arts magazine coverage.


KARATE ILLUSTRATED (8/78):  Article on Control Tactics;  BLACK BELT (5/79):  Rape & Battered Women;  OFFICIAL KARATE (1/80): Saving Troubled Kids w/ Karate;  BLACK BELT (9/85): ZDK Donation to African Relief;  INSIDE KUNG-FU (9/85): Hosting Ed Parker's Seminar; WARRIORS MAGAZINE (12/85):  Donation to Catholic Charities;  OFFICIAL KARATE (12/85):  Fumio Demura attends ZDK Banquet;  OFFICIAL KARATE (2/86): NYS Tournament Promoters Meeting;  AMERICAN KARATE (3/86):  Trip to Caribbean to Train;  BLACK BELT (5/86): ZDK Sponsored Bill Wallace Seminar;  BLACK BELT (8/86): Hosting of Fumio Demura at Super Summers;  OFFICIAL KARATE YEARBOOK (SUMMER '86): Fumio Demura Seminar in Johnstown;  AMERICAN KARATE & OFFICIAL KARATE (9/86):  Fumio Demura at Super Summers;  INSIDE KUNG-FU (9/86): Joe Lewis Inducted into ZDK Hall Of Fame;  BLACK BELT (9/86):  Hosting Joe Lewis Seminar;  BLACK BELT & INSIDE KARATE (10/86):  Donation to American Red Cross;  OFFICIAL KARATE (11/86):  Donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief;  INSIDE KARATE (7/87):  Bill Wallace ZDK Technical Director;  BLACK BELT (8/87):  Bill Wallace & ZDK and Donation to St. Judes Research Hospital;  INSIDE KARATE (2/88):  Joe Lewis & George Dillman at Super Summers;  AMERICAN KARATE (3/89): Instructors that Kick Together - Stick Together;  INSIDE KARATE (3/89): Super Summers Camp;  INSIDE KARATE (7/89):  Iaido Instructor Tsuneyoshi Matsuno Visits ZDK from Japan;  OFFICIAL KARATE (6/90):  Super Summers to host Bill Wallace & Wally Jay;  INSIDE KARATE (8/92):  Tips for Testing article;  BLACK BELT (11/96):  Kathy Long column (Long Shots) tells why she enjoyed teaching at Super Summers;    KARATE INTERNATIONAL (Vol.4, #10):  ZDK Donates $20,000 to Chuck Norris' KDOA Foundation;  15TH ANNUAL BLACK BELT YEARBOOK:  Campos Receives NYS Division for Youth Plaque for Service.


BUDO - GREEK EDITION (8/93 & 8/84, 9/94):  Feature articles on Bill Wallace & Campos seminar trip to Greece and Jean Frenette & Campos trip to Greece.


SUPER FIGHTS - GREEK EDITION (1994): Feature articles on Bill Wallace & Campos trip to present seminars in Greece.

IN-FIGHT SPORT - GREEK EDITION (2004):  Article on Super Summers Camp.

FIGHT TIMES MAGAZINE - NEW ZEALAND (2004): Article on Sensei Campos trip to New Zealand to instruct for Johnny Kennedy's organization.


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