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JULY 20-22, 2007



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During the 1980’s, Kevin was a member of the first ever professionally sponsored national karate team "Budweiser National Karate Team", which was coached by Sensei Chuck Merriman (a past SSS guest) and Skipper Ingram. He currently holds the position as Team Captain for the John Paul Mitchell National Karate Team, and continues to compete in all three categories of competition, Kata, Weapons and Fighting. With his team, Kevin travels around the world, exhibiting his system of Karate-Do.  He was inducted into the the original Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame in 1989. He shares this honor with such people as Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. During the course of his 40 plus year martial arts career, Kevin has won over 10,000 trophies, the majority of which are first place and grand championship awards. He has competed in and won almost every major tournament in NYC and nationwide, and travels throughout the world competing, and giving seminars and performances on his martial arts concepts. Kevin’s has  been featured on the covers of many major magazines in the U.S. and Europe. On the National and International circuits, they call him the "Total Package", because he does it all. Kevin is the only male competitor to have won all three titles as Grand Champion in a nationally ranked tournament. This was accomplished by defeating Nasty Anderson in fighting, and Hosang Pak in kata, and Mike Bernardo (a past SSS guest) in weapons at the Montreal Nationals in Canada. This previously unheard of feat led him to receive the Triple Crown Winner Award from the Professional Karate League in 1989. 

SOME MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2000 Wesley Snipes and Co’s, "Greatest Fighter of the Century" Award;  1999 WWCKA’s Undisputed Lightweight Title;  1998 P.K.C. Lightweight World Karate Champion;  1997 John Paul Mitchell "Martial Artist of the Year";  1994 Won every major national championship in the u.s.;  1991 N.A.S.K.A. National Champion;  1989 Inducted into the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame;  1988 P.K.L. "Competitor of the Year";  1986 Triple Crown National Champion; and much, much more!


Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan


Pambuan Arnis is a Classical Arnis System from Santa Cruz, Laguna, Philippines.  Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan inherited his family's system of Arnis from his father Lolo Guro Isidro Pambuan. He brought the art with him from the Philippines in 1983 when he moved to the United States. In 1993, he was convinced to begin teaching his art to a select group of students. In 1996, Ama Guro was inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council. He was featured in the Nov. '06 issue of Inside Kung-Fu Magazine. Today, he continues to teach a small group of dedicated students and looks forward to helping others learn about this highly effective system of fighting. 


Leonardo "The Wizard" Xavier

Leonardo Xavier was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the age of 5, Leo ventured into his first martial art – taking judo in school. One day a friend introduced him to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This introduction was enough for this energetic 15 year old kid to know that he loved this amazing art.  Leo became good friends with his coach Saulo Ribeiro and he began to successfully compete in local and regional tournaments in Brazil.   Leo went on to win National and State tournaments and numerous other competitions as a member of the well known and highly respected Gracie Humaita team.  In 1999, Leo realized his dream of being promoted to black belt from the hands of his coach Saulo Ribero and Royler Gracie.  Leo now lives in the U.S. & his students have enjoyed a great deal of success in local, regional, national and even international competitions - winning many tournaments including the prestigious International Masters and the Pan American Games.

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Multiple Times World Medalist;  2006 Pan American Champion;  2 Times Brazilian National Champion;  Multiple Times Rio de Janeiro State Champion;  Instructor of many International and Pan American BJJ Champions;  Instructor of FFC Light Heavy Weight Champion Kristian Rothaermel;   Instructor of the 2005 International Grappling Festival Overall Team Champion.



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In his own words:  Joseph Ansah, USA Goju.
My desire to study the martial arts began in 1985 with “Bruce Leroy” and my mother’s need to provide her son with the means to protect himself in her absence. We lived in the Bronx and little gangs of kids were all over the place just looking for ways to entertain themselves. 22 years later, I feel I can honestly say I'm starting to get the hang of it. My training began in Judo with Professor Antonio A. Perreira at the Tremont School of Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. While in high school, I trained in Jaw So Pai Kung Fu with Sifu Benji Melendez at the United Bronx Parents Community Center. When I went off to Iona College, I began training in USA GOJU with Sensei Neil Scott. I received my Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in USA GOJU in December of 1992 and continued to experiment with multiple systems, including Southern Shaolin Chuan - Sifu Karl Romain, Nyack Martial Arts Academy  and Jiu-Jitsu with Master David Jones, Vee Arnis Jitsu. In 1995, I continued my training in USA GOJU with Renshi Kevin Suggs, Shin Ri Tan Kyu Academy. I received my Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) in December of 1998 and continue to train. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll reach the final level and get that elusive golden glow.  Joe is a great guy who never stops smiling.  He last instructed at SSS two years ago.

SEMINAR TITLES"Owning Your Art in Street-Defense" & "How To Develop Explosive Techniques"


Vincent Anthony is new to Super Summers and has been studying the Martial Arts for almost 40 years. He is the President of the Combative Association of Martial Arts and Head of the Aiki Bujutsu Ryu Hombu. He holds several black belt rankings and is an 8th-degree Black Belt in his parent style.  See more at www.camausa.com.  Mr. Anthony has 20 years of well-rounded operational experience on a domestic and international basis in security. He recently transitioned from being the Director of Homeland Security for a multi-billion dollar government contracting company, and is now engaged in private sector consulting in the area of risk mitigation. He was very involved in the Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection & Homeland Security process well before the tragic events of 9/11 and continues to contribute to the private sector, government and military. He is a sought-after trainer/ speaker and speaks frequently on the subjects related to these and other topics. Information on his book entitled "Against the Edge", can be explored at www.againsttheedge.com.

SEMINAR TITLES"Against the Edge - The Science of Defending Against Edged Weapons" & "Against the Center - the Dynamic Art of Joint Manipulation"


Dana Arcuri (left obviously!) has 16 years of martial arts experience and is the co- director of Bailey's Karate School in Herkimer, NY since 1991. She has enjoyed a successful career competing both in forms and fighting. She is also certified in the "Crossfit" training systems and is well known for her successful implementation of developmental based martial arts programs for children starting as young as 3 years of age. Along with her husband Tom, they provide professional Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) training at their school and throughout Central NY. Tom and Dana hold multiple certifications under world-renowned self-defense expert Tony Blauer (www.BlauerTactical.com), and are the program managers for Blauer Tactical System’s international PDR training team.

SEMINAR TITLES"Crossfit - Fitness & Fat Loss for Adults & Children" & "Transitions Lifestyle Systems Program"


Mr. Charles Barrett has been training in martial arts since 1973, and currently is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do under Master Arthur Cohen. He is also a member of The United States Aikido Federation and has trained under Master Howard Pashenz since 1989. He is ranked an instructor and 3rd generation disciple in I-Liq Chuan, under Grand Master Sam Chin. . Finally, he is ranked Shodan in Iaido under Master Art McConnell of
Tozai Iai Kai. Charles is the creator of one of the first martial arts directories (1994) on the Internet.
Dojos.com spreads the knowledge of many different martial arts to a worldwide audience.  He last taught in 2006.

SEMINAR TITLES"I-Liq Chuan: Chin-Na" & "Using Aikido Principles for Self-Defense"


If you are a competitor and appreciate traditional karate, you will want to train with Chris.  He last instructed at SSS in 2005.  These are just a few of his accomplishments:  6x New York State Traditional Forms Champion, 2001,02,03,04, 05, 06;  Quebec International Championships, International Forms Champion, 2002;  Member of Virginia State U.S.A.-N.K.F. Karate Team, 2002-2003;  K.R.A.N.E/N.A.S.K.A. U.S.A. National Forms Champion, 2004;  Named "Male Competitor of the Year" by Action Martial Arts Magazine, 2006;  Member of Mohegan Sun National Karate Team, 2006-present;  MEMBER OF W.A.K.O—U.S.A. NATIONAL KARATE TEAM, 2007.

SEMINAR TITLES:  "Power & Grace - Developing Winning Competition Form" & "Power & Fury - Developing Winning Competition Bo Form"


Raffi and Susan Derderian have owned and operated the Derderian Academy of Martial Arts in Johnston, RI. since 1993.  Raffi began training in martial arts in 1973. He has earned Black Belts in Uechi Karate, Shinko-ryu Kempo, Filipino Arnis, and Oki-ryu Kenpo. He is also a Full Instructor of Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts. At 41 years old, he won the Grand Championships both Kata and Sparring at the 2002 World Uechi-ryu Championships.  Susan is a Shodan in Kenpo and a Nidan in Kempo. She has 15 years of martial arts training. Susan has also training in Filipino Martial Arts and JKD. In addition to her duties at the academy, she is a  foreign language teacher at a private school.  For more info please visit their website at www.derderian-academy.com

SEMINAR TITLES"Standup Joint Locking & JuJitsu Flow Drill" & "Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do"


Matt Dorsey started his martial arts career in 1975.  His ranks include 7th degree in Isshin-Ryu karate,2nd degree Iaido (Japanese sword), and 1st degree black belt TaeKwonDo.  He and his wife Jackie own two karate schools in Rochester, NY with a total enrollment of over 500 students.  Matt is the Northeast Director for National AAU karate program.  He last taught at SSS in 2005.

SEMINAR TITLES:  "Kata Applications - How to Understand & Make Your Kata Work" & "Bo vs Bo Fighting Applications"


Vicki Gillen started her training in 1974 under the instruction of Michael Bailey. In 1980 she co-founded Bailey's Karate School and is currently a 6th Degree Black Belt. She was ranked #1 female fighter & forms competitor in Region 11 by Karate Illustrated from 1986-1989. Some other accomplishments include 1984 Woman of the Year - Educational Management Systems; 1994 Woman of the Year ZDK, 1996 ZDK Promoter of the Year, 2006 Rome Sports Hall of Fame.  Vicki brings lots of experience to SSS.

SEMINAR TITLES"Training Drills for Women's Sparring" & "Women's Competition Sparring"


Chris has studied Chung Do Kwon Taekwondo since 1983 and has achieved the rank of 4th Dan.  In 2005 H co-founded Gonnoud Brothers Taekwondo.  For the last two years he has been studying Systema, under the instruction of Emmanuel Manolakakis of Toronto.  This Russian Martial Art is taught primarily to the Russian Military Special Forces.  He was an instructor at the 2006 Renaissance Martial Arts Festival in Rochester, NY where he taught a Systema Session.   Chris just hosted his 9th Annual Tournament last March.  His seminars will focus on Systema Combat concepts.  Chris is a first time instructor but has attended SSS as a participant.

SEMINAR TITLES: "Defense in a Mob/Riot Situation" & "Outdoor Combat" (weather permitting) or "Close Quarter Combat" if inside.


An International Karate Champion and 5x Senior New Zealand National Karate and 2x National Taekwondo Champion. Shihan Kennedy has done it all. Ring Kickboxing, Full-Contact Karate, Semi Contact Karate, and Olympic Style Taekwondo competition. With over 100 victories under his belt he has fought and won against some of the best fighters in the world. In 2000 he was he was awarded the International Martial Artist of the year award, and in 2001 & 2004 the prestigious International Black Belt of the Year award.  Those of us who have seen Johnny in action can attest that pound for pound he is one of the toughest martial artists we know!  John instructed at SSS several years ago and is coming back for our 25th Anniversary camp.

SEMINAR TITLES"Kansetsu Waza - 2 Person Drills focusing on Joint Manipulation, Cavity Seizing, & Bone Displacement" & "Shime Waza - 2 Person Drills that develop Balance Displacement and Strangulation/Choking Skills"


Jeff began training & competing in 1982. He has since amassed over 300 trophies, including nearly 50 grand championships in forms & weapons.  Jeff has competed in some of the largest events in the United States, including The Battle of Atlanta, The US Open, and The Diamond Nationals. Jeff teaches karate full-time at the Red Dragon Karate School in Ballston Spa, NY.  In 2004, he was awarded the ZDK "Instructor of the Year" and is also a 2-time "Competitor of the Year" award winner. Jeff always excites an audience when he performs!  Jeff last instructed at SSS in 2005.

SEMINAR TITLES"Dynamic Stretching & Conditioning For Peak Performance" & "Introduction to Pentjak Silat (Indonesian Martial Art)"


Phil Ross is the owner and Chief Instructor of American Eagle Martial Arts Academy. The eclectic style practiced at the academy is a combination of Korean Taekwondo, Burmese Bando, Filipino Arnis, Boxing and Grappling.  It is a unique style encompassing both hard and soft movements, weapons training, and kicking, striking and grappling.  He has trained personnel at corporate events including Harley-Davidson, Sun Microsystems, UPS, etc.  This is his first time with us at Super Summers.

A few of his other accomplishments:  2005- Certified Shamrock Submission Fighting Level II Instructor, 1999- Certified CDT Master Tactical Instructor, 1994 - Captain of World Karate Union - Team New Jersey, 1994 - Certified Instructor - NJ Dept. of Criminal Justice - Defensive Tactics, 1988 - Big Apple Challenge Heavyweight Karate Champion, 1989 – Featured Performer ABC Wide World of Sports "Oriental World of Self Defense", 1979 – AAU Junior Olympic Greco-Roman National Runner-up.

SEMINAR TITLES"Defensive Tactics & Workout (S.A.V.E.)" & "Submission Wrestling/Grappling"


Bob Ryan has been an active member of the ZDK since June of 1981, and has achieved the rank of 5th Dan. He is an instructor for Mr. Robert Gifford at Safety America in Sugar Land, TX.  Prior to joining Mr. Gifford’s club he trained for 5 years in Judo and 2 years in Tae Kwon Do. Training and teaching the martial arts has provided a balance for Bob between his career in the construction industry and managing the stresses of everyday life. Bob’s first SSS was in 1989 and he has not missed one since. He last taught at SSS in 2004.  Bob is a great instructor and also can be counted on to offer his expertise as chief mixologist in the Texas dorm for those of you brave enough to venture there!

SEMINAR TITLES"Breakfalls & Takedowns" & "Strategies for Dealing with Multiple Attackers (2-Person Self-Defense & Sparring)"


Kevin was being a wise guy when he sent this picture of himself at 12 years old but we put it up anyway as a lesson.  Good kick though!  Sensei Kevin Suggs is a 5th Degree black belt in USA Goju Karate, Chief Instructor of the Port Chester (NY) Karate Club, and instructor at SUNY Purchase campus.  He teaches a diverse group of students and is responsible for instructing beginners in the art of self-defense, including all forms and requirements for Black Belt. In addition, Sensei Suggs provides  supplemental training to the advanced Black Belts in the Southern Westchester region of the North Eastern Martial Arts Council (NEMAC).  He was recently accepted as a student in the Pekiti Tirsia Kali system (headed by Tuhon Leo Gaje), under Guro Douglas Mercaida and is a Certified Tactical Master Instructor for CDT Non-Deadly Force Training Commission.

SEMINAR TITLES"Aiki-Jitsu Defense & Counters" & "Attacks From The Inside"


Randy Veinotte is a new SSS instructor and is the Founder and Technical Director for the Shotokai Karate Club. He has his Fourth Degree Black Belt in Shotokai karate and has been practicing martial arts for almost 20 years. Randy is certified in Nerve Impact Control Tactics (NICT) and has added the use of pressure points to his karate practice. Distance and timing, coupled with NICT, wrist locks, and joint manipulations has transformed his martial art into a more modern version of a very traditional style. Randy is very open to practicing with other styles and has attended numerous seminars in Europe and the U.S. in karate, Ju-Jitsu, NICT, and the Yawara stick.

SEMINAR TITLES:  "Adding Finishing Techniques to Traditional Kata Bunkai (Part 1)" & "Adding Finishing Techniques to Traditional Kata Bunkai (Part 2)"


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